Bonobo shares another track off his new EP, stream 'Return to Air'

Simon Green (aka Bonobo) has shared another track from his forthcoming EP for Ninja Tune

Bonobo will release his Flashlight EP on December 1. Ahead of the EP’s release next week, Green has unveiled its third and final track.

‘Return to Air’ is crafted with the same gentleness as the EP’s title track, however this one is more playful than melancholic. A diced up vocal sample marauds around crunchy percussion, evoking a dreamlike sense that has become familiar in Green’s recent work.

Green declared ‘Return to Air’ as “the last page of that chapter,” hinting that we can expect a different sound for his next full-length album.

You can stream Bonobo’s ‘Return to Air’ below.

[via Billboard]



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