Eats Everything offers Fries With That? two-disc mix

Eats Everything has cued up a double-disc party mix for Hypercolour.

Fries With That? is split into Main Course and Dessert discs, with the first half offering an up-to-the-minute taster of the partytime DJ’s record bag and the second delving into some classic picks.

“These mixes have been a labour of love for me, and something that I really wanted to get across in the right way,” says EE, AKA Dan Pearce. “Disc One is a collection of records that I am really feeling at the moment and hope will stand the test of time as a mix CD that you can listen to for years to come, whilst Disc Two is basically a collection of my classics, either records I grew up with, ones that got me into house/techno, or I have discovered along the way and have become classics to me, even if I have only known them for a short while.”

Radio Slave, Herbert and Mr. G appear on the first disc alongside newer talents Decius and Little By Little, while the second includes The Creator Session, The Kick Junkie, Doug Lazy and Millennium plus techno from G‐Man and Robotman.

The mix will be released on CD and digitally on January 26, and there’ll be two 12″ vinyl samplers. In the meantime, watch Eats Everything on FACT TV talking about his collaborating with his heroes and The Great USB Stick Robbery of 2012. [via RA]


CD 1: (Main Course)
01. Neville Watson – Red Light Fever
02. Flux Mode – Tumba
03. S.W.A.T. – Rites Of Passage
04. Arun Verone – The Coming (Keep It Coming)
05. Joeski – Mind Body & Soul
06. Herbert – Got To Be Movin’ (On The Dancefloor)

7. Tusqavna – We Don’t Know You (Silicone Soul Remix)

8. Nikola Gala – The Phunk
09. Oushe – Daveena
10. Little By Little – Stress
11. Quell – The Regular
12. Radio Slave – Repeat Myself
13. Daniel Trim – Asimo
14. Mr. G – Mangos In Season
15. Roberto – First Principles (Eats Everything’s Derrick Carter – Where Ya At Acapella & Synthapella Mash-Up Reebeef)
16. Decius – Gay Futures
17. Kingpin Cartel – Ghetto

CD 2: (Dessert)
01. Korda – Move Your Body (To The Sound)
02. The Creator Session – Body & Soul
03. Djaimin – Open The Door (DJ Shorty Zanzibar Stomper Mix)
04. Jump – Funkatarium
05. G.O.D LTD – Untitled
06. The Kick Junkie – Kick It In (Wicked Mix)
07. G-Man – Quo Vadis
08. Robotman – Never (DBX Mix)
09. PMT – Gyromancer
10. Doug Lazy – Rollin On (SPS Dub)
11. Aleem – Filtri Organi (Main Mix)
12. Jose Nunez – Mama Love (Original Mix)
13. Mambo – Do You Want Me Do You Want Me (Mudmens Dirty Mix)
14. Voices Of Life – The Word Is Love (Silk’s Anthem Of Life)



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