Gwen Stefani taps Pharrell for new single 'Spark The Fire'

No Doubt lass hooks up with old friends for the latest cut from her comeback album.

A decade after releasing her Neptunes-produced smasher ‘Hollaback Girl’, Gwen Stefani has teamed up with Pharrell again for new single ‘Spark The Fire’.

The sparse beat and playground-chant hook definitely recall their original collaboration, and as opening lines go, “OMG OMG I’m back again” takes some beating. So it’s a marked improvement on her previous effort, the anaemic EDM-infused ‘Baby Don’t Lie’, which went down like a broken elevator in FACT Singles Club.

The track is set to appear on her third solo album, which is expected to come out next month – although it doesn’t have a name yet. If you need more Neptunes, check out Pharrell’s 50 Best Tracks.



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