The ATL rapper railed against America’s “war machine”.

Killer Mike gave an impassioned speech to fans at last night’s Run The Jewels show in St Louis, Missouri, following the Grand Jury announcement not to indict the police officer who killed Mike Brown.

Paying tribute to peaceful protestors and to those “who could not hold their anger in”, Mike says he “got kicked on my ass when I listened to that prosecutor”, and talks emotionally about his own fears for his teenage sons.

Paraphrasing Martin Luther King Jr, he adds: “I also give thoughts and prayers for the people who cannot hold their anger in, because riots are only the language of the unheard.”

The rapper previously wrote an insightful op-ed on the Ferguson shooting, urging people to “press back against [the] gang-like mentality of our local police”.

Run The Jewels released their second and equally brilliant album in October.

Update, December 1: Killer Mike spoke to CNN regarding the Ferguson decision, his heartfelt address and the ongoing issues facing American society as a whole. [via RapRadar]



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