Stream Doctor Jeep's latest EP for Trouble & Bass, featuring remixes by Flava D and more

The New York-based producer melds US and UK styles on his bass-heavy Angel EP.

As Doctor Jeep, Andre Lira favors an anything-goes approach to dance tracks, fusing UK funky, Jersey club, dubstep and hip-hop into a style he describes as “dark, tribal, and percussion-heavy.”

“Recently someone wrote that one of my tracks sounded like ‘a London rave taking place in a jungle cult at midnight’ which I happily agreed with,” he writes. And while it might not be a London rave, he describes a recent trip to Outlook as “easily the best experience” of his life. “Hearing [dubstep and drum-n-bass] on these massive soundsystems surrounded by 15,000 other people that ‘get it’ was really mindblowing.”

His is certainly a style that is right at home on Trouble & Bass, which he’s linked up with for a series of releases. After releasing the Vortex and Bird of Paradise EPs on the label, Doctor Jeep will drop the Angel EP on December 8.

Stream the EP in full below, featuring remixes by FACT favorite Flava D and Tumble Audio’s Archive.



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