Killer Mike explains last week’s impassioned on-stage outburst following the Ferguson verdict.

In the immediate aftermath of the announcement that Officer Darren Wilson would not face charges for shooting Michael Brown in Ferguson, Killer Mike gave an emotional speech on the topic at the top of a Run The Jewels show in St. Louis.

The rapper has now appeared on CNN to talk through his on-stage intervention, the Ferguson ruling, and potential steps towards better racial integration in the US. The full discussion is below, split into two parts – and, as ever with Mike, makes for insightful watching. The rapper – the son of a police officer – had previously appeared on the show in the wake of the shooting to discuss police militarisation in relation to the Ferguson criss.

As Pitchfork note, Killer Mike has also co-written an opinion piece for USA Today, alongside University of Richmond associate professor Erik Nielson. The piece focuses on the recent story of 27-year-old Anthony Elonis, who was sentenced to 44 months in prison for “communicating threats” after posting violent rap verses and sketch comedy material on Facebook. Mike and Nielson’s article hones on the way in which rap is (mis)treated by judges in court cases, and makes for fascinating reading; head here to read it.



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