The Brit supermodel embarks on a tentative transition to the pop world.

Karl Lagerfeld’s latest film for Chanel is a period fantasy that stars Pharrell and his new pal, supermodel Cara Delevingne, singing their new duet, ‘CC The World’.

Pharrell and Cara are seen working as a bellhop and a waitress in the early scenes of the clip before transforming into royalty (inspired by Austria’s Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth of Austria) and singing their new track together. Gabrielle Chaplin also appears in the short, reprising her film role as Coco Chanel.

Are they serious about the track, or is it just a plug for Chanel, hence the CC? It’s certainly got the schmaltz of Pharrell’s recent output. We’re hoping Skateboard P will be back to his rumoured N.E.R.D revival soon. He’s also got a ‘Blurred Lines’ lawsuit to fend off in 2015.

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