Kode9 played three of his own unreleased tracks plus more from Taso and DJ Spinn on Radio 1 last night

The Hyperdub boss took over the third hour of Benji B’s show and brought a bunch of new material with him.

Kode9 played three of his own unreleased tunes on Radio 1 last night: ‘Defence’, ‘Lean’ and ‘Time’. He also had a huge stack of footwork in his bag, drawn from the Hyperdub/Teklife axis that includes DJ Paypal, DJ Manny, Heavee and more, and towards the end of the show he dropped in a bunch of unreleased material from DJ Taye, DJ Phil, DJ Spinn and Taso.

Listen back to the show on iPlayer or download it via CoreNews.

It’s been a dramatic year for Hyperdub as the label celebrated its tenth anniversary with a four-part compilation series (the latest of which featured an unreleased Burial track) and a heavy tour schedule, but also had to deal with the sad passing of both DJ Rashad and The Spaceape.

Wu-Tang Clan – Necklace [Warner Bros]
Nehru Doom – Realize [Lex]
Pusha T – Lunch Money [Def Jam]
John Gibbs & The Unlimited Sound Of Steel Orchestra – J’Ouvert [EM Records]
Hailu Mergia & The Walias – Woghenei [Awesome Tapes From Africa]
Frank Ocean – Memrise [Unreleased]
Air – Realize [Embryo Records]
291 Out – Ovest [Acido Records]
James Blake – 200 Press [1-800 Dinosaur]
MFO – Slow Run In Our Dreams [Dekmantel]
The Maghreban – The Smack [Versatile Records]
Omar-S – Track 8 [FXHE]
Cajmere – Lonely [Cajual Records]
Trailer Ends – Runnin Around (Dark Swing Mix) [Downtown 161]
Floating Points – Nuits Sonores [Eglo]
Lunice – Eau
Sylas – Hollow [Aesop]
Arca – Wound [Mute]
Kode9 – Kryon (feat. Flying Lotus) [Hyperdub]
Clark – Petroleum Tinged [Warp]
Shlomo – Emerge From Smoke [Unreleased]
Dark0 – Sweet Boy Tears [Different Circles]
Novelist – Shook
Wiley – BMO Freestyle
Residence De Revolution – Unknown [Residence Da Revolution]
Hot Music
The Roots – Din Da Da [Geffen]
Beat Spacek – I Wanna Know [Ninja Tune]
DJ Rashad – Let It Go [Hyperdub]
DJ Rashad – On My Way [Lit City Trax]
Kode9 – Defence [Unreleased]
Kode9 – Lean [Unreleased]
Kode9 – Time Flies [Unreleased]
Kode9 – Kan [Hyperdub]
Kode9 – Time Patrol (Shake It Maschine Remix) [Free Download]
DJ Diamond – Horns [Planet Mu]
DJ Diamond – Murder Muzik (DJ Diamond)
J-Dub – All I Feel [Hyperdub]
DJ Taye – Do This Again [Hyperdub]
Taso – Burn That [Hyperdub/Teklife]
DJ Taye – The Matrixx [Hyperdub]
DJ Paypal – FM Blast [Hyperdub/Teklife]
DJ Manny – Harvey Ratchet [Hyperdub/Teklife]
DJ Tre – DNB Spaceout [Hyperdub]
RP Boo – That’s It 4 Lil Ma [Hyperdub/Teklife]
DJ Taye – Wurkin Da Bass [Hyperdub/Teklife]
DJ Spinn – All My Teklife [Hyperdub]
DJ Taye – Nothings Gonna Stop Me [Unreleased]
DJ Taye – Get Em Up [Hyperdub]
DJ Earl – I’m Gonna Get You [Hyperdub]
Gantman – Acid Life [Hyperdub]
Heavee – 8 Bit [Hyperdub]
DJ Tre – DNB Funk [Hyperdub]
DJ Phil – Godz House [Hyperdub/Teklife]
Taso – Everyday Struggle [Unreleased]
DJ Phil – Be Free [Unreleased]
DJ Phil – Brand Nu Day [Unreleased]
DJ Spinn – Always Come Back [Unreleased]
DJ Spinn – Betcha Never Find [Unreleased]
DJ Spinn – Dubby [Unreleased]
Taso – Do Not [Unreleased]
The Space Ape – Chasing A Beast [Hyperdub]
Traxman – Sit Ya Self Down [Hyperdub/Teklife]



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