Head or dead.

Notorious German necrophilia flick Nekromantik has haunted the annals of video nasty-land for years, being mentioned with hushed tones behind the lockers at high school for good reason. Jörg Buttgereit’s 1987 film has been re-appraised recently thanks to a long-overdue deluxe release, and now One Way Static (who, incidentally, are one of FACT’s favorite labels of 2014) have announced that they’re handling the soundtrack release.

The score is composed by Daktari Lorenz, Hermann Kopp and John Boy Walton (we’re guessing this ain’t his real name), and the new release will contain extensive, exclusive liner notes from Manfred Jelinski, Jörg Buttgereit, Daktari Lorenz, Hermann Kopp and Franz Rodenkirchen.

It’s going to be released on vinyl and cassette, and as usual there are plenty of options if you choose to pre-order. There are two colored vinyl limited editions (randomly assigned) – simple “smokey clear vinyl,” or for the more damaged among you, “sperm & blood splatter vinyl” – we know which one we’re after. There’s also a black vinyl version for purists, and all these editions are numbered and come with a bonus 7″ featuring five extra tracks. There’s even a bonus flexi postcard with a version of the theme performed by Norwegian kvlt black metallers Carpathian Forest. Phew.


Side A:

01 Nekromantik
02 At Home
03 Ménage À Trois
04 Pas De Deux
05 Supper
06 Surprise

Side B:

07 Deafmusic For A Grey Movie
08 Autopsy
09 Jellyface
10 Dream Surgery
11 Drunk
12 Sapor Sanguinus

Bonus 7”

13 Pas De Deux ’91
14 Ménage À Trois (Monster Version)
15 Gardener
16 Nekromantik ’91
17 Home (Domina Version)

Bonus flexi postcard (Limited Edition Only):

18 Theme from Nekromantik (by Carpathian Forest)

You can take a look at the trailer below, and Nekromantik is set for release on vinyl and cassette.



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