“As long as you’re not a dickhead and you’ve got good taste in music, I’m sure we can find a slot for you here.”

Based in Clerkenwell and started by Ollie Ashley, a former studio manager at NTS and Rinse FM, Radar Radio broadcast for the first time this Halloween. The station has already gathered a strong roster of young DJs, including Riz La Teef (recently featured on FACT’s 100 Underrated DJs list), Templar Sound and Night Slugs affiliate Mokona, who will be broadcasting a weekly ambient show, and Goon Club Allstars co-founder Moleskin.

Speaking to FACT, Ashley explains that he wants to develop a platform for DJs who aren’t able to breakthrough on the more established stations. Despite its youth, it only takes one visit to the studio to confirm that Radar’s far from wet behind the ears, with an impressive studio set up including up-to-date equipment and a separate practice room.

Radar Radio is currently looking for shows – if DJs think they fit the criteria, they’re encouraged to send an email to getinvolved@radarradio.com.

You can stream past shows on the station’s Soundcloud; we’ve embedded Moleskin’s November session below.



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