Under his Antoni Maiovvi alias, Anton Maoif has explored European synth music, disco and more, on labels like Caravan and Death Waltz. 

Avrokosm, his first album on Not Not Fun, is out digitally this week with vinyl to follow. Speaking to FACT, Maoif explains that “I started this record at the end of 2012 technically, where I was a bit at a loss of which direction to take musically, and as much as Italo and Horror Scores still get me off, I felt as though I had to challenge myself a little bit in order to progress as an “artist” or whatever.

“In the initial demos I sent to Not Not Fun it was the track ‘Ignite’ that stood out the most to them, and it’s use of Magma/Reich-esque polyrhythms became the basis of all the work that would follow. To try and be actually futurist rather than retro-futurist, I’ve no idea if I succeeded but it was a blast to explore. ‘Temple’ was one of the last tracks I finished and stands as one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever written.”

FACT TV are premiering the video to ‘Temple’ above. The visuals, as well as the audio, or Maoif’s own.



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