The Parisian label returns with their fourth compilation.

After focusing on cross-cultural collaborations and stripped-down drum tracks in their last offerings, the Sound Pellegrino crew decided to explore the role of melody in modern dance music. This time around, they’ve enlisted Goon Club Allstars boss Moleskin, Her Records reps CYPHR and Sudanim, Sound Pellegrino regulars Orgasmic, Koyote and Matthias Zimmermann and more. Plus, FACT fave P. Morris is joined by “pianist-slash-modern-day-musical-hero” Chilly Gonzales for a new collaboration.

The compilation’s lead track is by French newcomer Doline, who was inspired by Teki Latex’s Deconstructed Trance Reconstructed mix and introduced himself to the producer at Rinse France studio. “The package he sent us blew our minds, it totally embodied both the cold immaculate uplifting melodious aspect of the trance bits and the warm down to earth rawness of the drum parts.” Teki promises more “mind-boggling” material from Doline on the label.

Stream ‘Karidja’ below; the album’s tracklist and cover art follows. Melodic Mechanism is due out on January 19 on CD, gatefold 2xLP and digital. For more Sound Pellegrino, check out their FACT mix from earlier this year.

Doline — ‘Karidja’
Orgasmic — ‘Mauvais Garçon’
Sudanim — ‘Seydou’
Koyote — ‘Brigitte’
Joe Howe — ‘Zoned Reminder’
Nicolas Malinowsky — ‘Haunted Piano’
Matthias Zimmermann — ‘Shaquana’
Chilly Gonzales & P. Morris — ‘Late Visitor’
Voltery — ‘5 Shadows’
CYPHR — ‘Have Faith’
Crystal — ‘Bill Gate’
Moleskin — ‘Imagine (Handsome Boys Lifestyle)’
Medicis & Vanshift — ‘P11 (outro)’
Martel Ferdan — ‘Toy Gun’ — (iTunes exclusive)



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