Nicki Minaj samples Maya Jane Coles on 'Truffle Butter' featuring Drake and Lil Wayne

Drake and Lil Wayne hop onto a slowed down ‘What They Say’.

It’s all about The Pinkprint this week, and hidden at the back of the tracklist, past the confessionals and the fierce Beyonce collab, we’re intrigued to discover that Nicki Minaj has sampled UK house star Maya Jane Coles on ‘Truffle Butter’.

The snippet of her massive club hit ‘What They Say’ has been slowed down but otherwise little changed – sounds like it’s taking a leaf from Jeremih’s Mustard-produced ‘Don’t Tell ‘Em’, if you ask us.

Update: In response to hostility from certain parts of her fanbase, Coles took to her Facebook page yesterday to clarify certain things:

It’s interesting to see all of the hateful comments about the Nicki Minaj track. As a producer that only makes music that I love, for me, it’s only an honor to have people from completely different scenes wanting to sample one of my productions. I NEVER compromise my own music. If I didn’t like it, why would I bother making it. If someone else likes what I have done and wants to sample it and use it in their own style then for me that is a huge compliment. just saying. PLUS also, why do people keep talking about money?? Record sales don’t make money anymore!!! This has nothing to do with money, I came from a hip hop background, that’s what got me into music in the first place. It’s so weird to have to explain myself about something I’ve always loved doing.

Listen below. The Pinkprint is officially out on December 15.



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