Berlin Community Radio needs your donations to stay on the air

One of the best broadcasters on the planet is having a whip-round.

If you’ve enjoyed any of the myriad different programmes on Berlin Community Radio in its first year, whether it’s romantic gloom on the Blackest Ever Black show or leftfield electronics from the likes of Laurel Halo and Heatsick, why not chuck them a few euros to show your appreciation and keep their good ship afloat.

The station has no sponsors or advertising, and though some contributors donate a monthly sub to help towards costs, founders Anastazja Moser and Sarah Miles (pictured) have had to fill in the gaps with their own money. Now they’ve set up an IndieGoGo page to collect donations, with the aim of collecting €2000 to get them through the next quarter.

Every donation over €20 will be rewarded with presents from BCR’s friends and family, including LPs, record label goodies, slap-up meals in Berlin and even a hotel stay.




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