Rappers also reveals he’s “too cheap” to make it rain.

Like a true Californian, Kendrick Lamar is adamant that he’s had a few close encounters of the supernatural kind. When he dropped in on JoJo Wright’s radio show earlier this year, he told the host that he’s seen ghosts, spirits and UFOs – but that no one has believed him.

“I’ve seen ghosts before, for sure,” he revealed. “I’ve seen UFOs too. I seen that when I was six years old, my mother still don’t believe me. We was in Compton, we was on our little balcony on the stairway, she was sitting, drinking her little champagne or wine, I’ll never forget it. And just a dart, a flash – just ch-ch-ch-ch – not the flash like it’s a shooting star, multiple flashes was in the sky. I’ll never forget that, and that was my encounter, and still to this day, I know there is something else out there.

“Man, they still don’t believe me, I hope you’ll be the first to believe me,” he told Wright.

Other highlights from the quick-fire question and answer session include his slim cookery repertoire (noodles or cereal) and a diatribe about why short guys “have more character”.

He also revealed that he’s never made it rain. “That’s one thing I’ve never done,” he says. “I’m too cheap. I’m the only dude that’ll probably make it rain and then pick it back up.”

So far we’ve heard two cuts from his forthcoming follow-up to Good Kid m.a.a.d City, the Isley Brothers-sampling ‘i’ and an as-yet-untitled number he performed on The Colbert Report.



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