Rush Hour begin extensive Kenny Larkin reissue series

Rush Hour will reissue a bundle of retrospective 12-inches from the Detroit techno luminary.

Amsterdam dance hub Rush Hour have kicked off an extensive series of Kenny Larkin reissues, compiling six out-of-print retrospective 12-inches originally released on the label in 2005 and 2006.

Throughout the 1990s, Larkin’s productions arrived under a variety of different aliases via key electronic imprints including Warp, R&S and Plus 8 . Rush Hour originally partnered with Larkin’s Art Of Dance imprint mid-way through the last decade to the issue six retrospective records with an accompanying CD compilation.

The first three 12-inches, A-C, are available now with the further three records set to be reissued later this year. You can check the tracklists below.

Amsterdam techno king Steve Rachmad recently mixed up his ten favourite Kenny Larkin classics to celebrate the campaign.

[via Resident Advisor]


A: Kenny Larkin – Presents: POD – The Vanguard EP
01. Myopsis (Dark Comedy Rmx)
02. Vanguard
03. Lifeforms
04. Northern Light

B: Kenny Larkin – Presents: Azimuth EP
01. Azimuth
02. Q
03. Tedra
04. Track

C: Kenny Larkin – Presents: Metaphor EP
01. Soulman
02. Nocturnal
03. Loop 2
04. Sympathy

D: Kenny Larkin – Presents: Dark Comedy Pt. 1
01. Clavia’s North
02. Without Sound (Original Mix)
03. Plankton

E: Kenny Larkin – Presents: Dark Comedy Pt. 2
01. Paranoid
02. The Bar
03. Eclectic

F: Kenny Larkin – Presents: Art Of Dance Sample EP
01. Track (Alternative mix)
02. Chasers
03. Dark Disco



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