Mystery caller fails to understand “no guestlist”. 

Trouw closed its doors for the final time at the beginning of January, with clubbers travelling from far and wide to have one last knees-up at the iconic Amsterdam venue.

This brilliant video has just surfaced via Crack Magazine showing Seth Troxler (dressed in a chorister’s gown, naturally) dealing with a pesky guestlist blagger during the closing party. Troxler politely explains that there’s no guestlist and there are still tickets on the door, but the irate caller refuses to give in and demands that Troxler prove it’s really him.

Midway through the call Troxler puts the British twerp – who apparently claimed he was a promoter from Manchester’s Warehouse Party – on speakerphone, who then he says he wants to “come over and party with you, Peruvian style”. Dear god. Even Trouw’s head honcho Olaf Boswijkhas has to get involved. (NB: The Warehouse Project have said it’s nothing to do with them.)

Watch it above and check out a massive playlist of Trouw anthems currently compiled by misty-eyed clubbers.

Don’t miss Troxler on FACT TV giving his take on the week’s singles and revealing his favourite record.



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