Club music proving ground Classical Trax seeks out breaking new artists so you don’t have to.

Working as a de-facto outlet for up-and-coming club producers, they pull together disparate sounds with a workmanlike attitude and it often pays off. This new EP is one such example, taking tracks from five different producers and linking them with a very specific theme.

The record is inspired by the work of David Hockney and Arthur Russell – specifically Russell’s Lets Go Swimming record, which is the new EP’s name. The EP was curated by Classical Trax head honcho Matt Lutz and features work from up-and-coming producers Nunu, City Fitness, Martinou, V Geels and Les Yper Sound. The exclusive artwork is from Ryan Huff.

Stream and download the whole record below and check out the killer video for Les Hyper Sound’s ‘What Do You Like To Do’:



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