Hear the "delicately crafted" songs that won Pornhub's record label competition

Pornhub Records launched last year, kicking off with a contest to find an “official anthem” for the web’s biggest landfill of x-rated vids.

After sifting through “thousands” of submissions, a judging panel that included T-Pain and producer Scott Storch have named Jordan Royale and Mihannah Zhang the winners and awarded them $5,000 each to make videos for their songs.

Royale’s track, sparingly titled ‘Pornhub Anthem’, is basically a lost Limp Bizkit tune with added EDM presets and lyrics like: “I love watching porn when I have a bad day/It’s like jerking off flushes all the pain away.”

The other one is a bit better, a pop-punk number by Mihannah Zhang that’s like ‘Je t’aime… moi non plus’ meets ‘Woo Hoo’.

“We received thousands of submissions from around the world – fledgling rockers to upstart rappers to budding DJs and everything in between,” Pornhub boss Corey Price told Rolling Stone.

“We wanted an artist to evoke an emotive response representative of the Pornhub brand from listeners. Both Jordan and Mihannah did just that. They took the personality of our brand and delicately crafted it, embodying exactly what we’re looking for in an official anthem. Here at Pornhub Records we’re all about star quality, and without further ado we’d like to introduce the world to Jordan Royale and Mihannah Zhang.”



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