Deep-thinking deep house from two dancefloor innovators. 

NYC-via-Tokyo auteur DJ Sprinkles and Mark Fell of avant-garde minimalists snd have sampled the late British politician Tony Benn on their forthcoming EP.

The two tracks on Fresh Insights are a follow-up to the pair’s previous collaboration, Complete Spiral, which sampled union leader Arthur Scargill over a slice of classic deep house in the New York style.

The new material is in a similar vein, as you can hear in the samples on Boomkat, with the main track using a typically rousing speech from the socialist orator: “The older I get, the more I realise every single generation has to fight the same battles again and again and again – there’s no final victory, and there’s no final defeat.” The other side is an instrumental, foregrounding the track’s warm and gooey grooves.

Fresh Insights is available on 12″ via Sprinkles’ Comatonse label now.

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