Video for Torus‘s self-directed video for ‘U R’, out now on his Temples EP.

Torus: “When I make videos for my music I want to make sure its a personal interpretation of the song and that I work with the same feeling I tried to put down when making the song, but visually. ‘U R’ is the only song off the EP that actually contains my own vox even though it’s all lost in reverb. So for the video I wanted to translate this covered up vulnerability through the whole aesthetic of these spacious and empty temples that I used for the EP’s artwork, which then are put into a video installation.

“The projection creates the space for the song and the installation creates the space for the projection. Like a temple in a temple. And I’m out there chillin’ somewhere in between with the all white godly vibes. Also to me this song specifically was something in between the things I did before and now, so the way the video moves from SD to HD and from animation to installation is symbolism for this transition.”

Order Temples here.



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