Hear James Holden in conversation with krautrock genius Michael Rother

Two adventurous electronic artists go head-to-head.

Krautrock obsessives, techno historians and synth tinkerers alike will want to check out this epic 100-minute conversation between James Holden, the Border Community boss who’s made his love of motorik grooves well known, and Michael Rother, prolific multi-instrumentalist and former member of Kraftwerk, Neu! and Harmonia.

Discussing the joys – and perils – of modern machines, the battle between drummers and sequencers, and the core concepts that underpin their music, Holden and Rother get into the nitty-gritty while playing some key tracks from their back catalogues. The conversation was recorded for RBMA Encounters, a new thing on RBMA Radio that pairs up musicians to chat about their careers and inspirations and the like.

Listen to the whole thing in the player below, and for more music in this vein try Holden’s recent residency on NTS Radio. FACT also interviewed Holden about his chaotic machines before the release of The Inheritors.


Neu! – Negativland
Harmonia – Watussi
James Holden – Renata
Neu! – Hallogallo
James Holden – Horizons
Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink (James Holden Remix)
Cluster – Im Süden
Neu! – Super 16
Neu! – Super 78
James Holden – Lumpette
Neu! – Hallo Excentrico
Harmonia – Monza (Rauf Und Runter)
James Holden – The Caterpillars’ Intervention
James Holden – Gone Feral
Harmonia & Eno ’76 – Luneburg Heath
Neu! – Cassetto
James Holden – : A Circle Inside A Circle Inside :
Harmonia – Sonnenschein
Harmonia – Ohrwurm



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