PAN kicks off the new year with a long overdue reissue of Spectre’s under-appreciated Ruff Kutz mixtape.

Spectre is the moniker of Wordsound founder Skiz Fernando Jr., and in 1998 he put together Ruff Kutz, a collection of experiments, outtakes, edits and obscurities from the Wordsound archives archives with appearances from Sensational, Mr Dead, Bill Laswell, Jungle Brothers, Kevin Martin (aka The Bug) and many many more.

Bill Kouligas’s PAN imprint had the good sense to give Ruff Kutz the deluxe treatment it’s always deserved, and it’s finally been remastered (from the original DAT) and is being pressed on deluxe double vinyl. Quite the upgrade considering the original release was a massively limited cassette.

You can hear the entirety of side A below (in original unmastered form), and Ruff Kutz is due to drop on March 9.



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