Rocky’s New Year’s number gets a murky visual.

A$AP Rocky has shared the video for ‘Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2,’ a single originally given away on New Year’s Eve. The track is taken from Rocky’s forthcoming second album.

The A$AP Mob figurehead preceded the release of the video with Tumblr Q&A with fans. Whilst Rocky wouldn’t reveal his album’s full title or release date, he did disclose the title’s initials: A.L.L.A.

Asked how A$AP Yams’ family are doing after his unexpected death last month, he said: “Yams’ family is great, they all stayed unified and supportive since his passing.”

He also answered some questions on his ex-girlfriends Iggy Azalea (“She looks like she’s not getting piped right these days”) and Chanel Iman (“[I miss her] all the time, that’s my ace”), and described his weirdest sexual encounter: “Once when I was young I fucked a chick in front of her disabled grandmom. So sick, literally. I’m ashamed. Grandmoms looked excited though.”

Read the rest of the Q&A on Tumblr and watch the video for ‘Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2’, which also features a snippet of an as yet untitled track, below.



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