Remember that Millennium Falcon turntable? You can have a matching guitar now, too.

Doni Latchford, a custom guitar maker based in Coventry, can turn your Millennium Falcon toy into a Stratocaster-style guitar. But they don’t come cheap.

Latchford takes the toy, which was manufactured from 1979 to 2004, and connects it with the strings and fretboard of a guitar, adding blue LED lights for a full Star Wars experience. The Han Solo (pictured above) will cost you £450. The Rebel Bass Guitar (pictured below) will set you back £500.

“This guitar produces a wonderful tone,” says Latchford. “With a half decent amp, you could amaze everyone by conquering all manner of riffs in less than 12 parsecs.”

You can view the Millennium Falcon guitars on Etsy. [via Mashable]

You can now own your own Milennium Falcon guitar



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