Put your hands up for Detroit, do a plié for Amsterdam.

Dutch DJ Fedde le Grand, best known for 2006’s hit ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’, unveiled the world’s first tech-house ballet last week. Simply called GRAND, it comfortably sold out its first run at Amsterdam’s Royal Dutch Theatre.

Sound weird? Well, inthemix’s review makes it sound even weirder: Fedde, we’re told, “lays down a groove of standard tech-house, pausing between tracks as various ballet dancers disappear and return in different outfits. There’s some sampling of earlier ‘90s tracks, all dropped subtly, and there’s even hint of a ‘Thriller’-style track. The ballet performance took no half measures, either, with trapeze artists swinging over the crowd, live singers and a horde of costumed dancers.”

“As for the crowd, there was no one reaching for the lasers”, the review continues. “Everyone sat with rapt attention until the show ended at midnight, then moved to the bar to discuss the show. It was all very grown-up and high-brow.”

Read the full article, complete with pictures, here.



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