Hudson Mohawke isn’t the only one who gets in on the V-Day freebie game.

Valentine’s Day always presents an opportunity for producers to reveal their sweet boy sides, and today’s Hallmark holiday is proving no different. We’ll be rounding up the day’s goodies in one place.

First up: Bromance and Pelican Fly reps Canblaster, Sam Tiba and DJ Slow come together for a mix. Tiba usually mans one of these alone, but it looks like three heads are better than one on this track-a-minute set.

DJ Milktray follows-up last year’s ‘Wifey Riddim’ with another sweet boy anthem, pairing with Astral Black labelmate Bushido for the piano-twinkling ‘Can’t U Luv Me?’. If this one pulls your heartstrings, watch for Milktray’s collaborative project with Jon Phonics and Bushido’s debut EP, both coming in the next few months.

For those nursing broken hearts this Valentine’s Day, Mr. Mitch has you covered with his Better Off Alone mix for Dazed, which is heavy on the ice-cold, spacious vibes of his Peace dubs. [Art via Rachel Noble]

Club producer-to-watch Nammy Wams goes against the grain on his latest mix: rather than slinky R’n’G, the producer has mixed grime bangers about love. “THIS IS NOT R N G IT IS PURER,” he writes. “MORE BARS LESS SINGING”.

Another club producer to watch delivers on Valentine’s Day: Sharp Veins has shared an epic, sliced-and-diced reworking of Usher’s ‘I Don’t Mind’download the 12-minute remix here.



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