Seminal grime DVD series Risky Roadz has risen from the ashes with a third instalment due later this year.

The series was instrumental in kickstarting the careers of countless UK MCs — Kano, Skepta, Crazy Titch, Ruff Sqwad and plenty more all appeared on Risky Roadz in their youth. Along with Practice Hours and Aim High, Risky was a pivotal platform during the early-mid ’00s heyday of grime.

Prior to the advent of such DVDs, the vast majority of grime MCs could only be heard on pirate radio sets. The series provided an avenue for MCs to be seen as well as heard, matching names to faces and capturing the grime aesthetic that would remain influential today.

“There’s still loads left to film and loads more to do but this is my greatest piece of work to date,” says creator Roony Keefe in the trailer’s description. “I created a format over 10 years ago which is still relevant and being used and I’ve reinvented myself with this project. It’s all what you know and love from the Risky Roadz series with a whole lot more.”

You can watch the trailer for Risky Roadz 3 featuring Ghetts below. Underneath that, check Ghetts’ classic freestyle from Risky Roadz 2.



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