The art-pop prankster and Hollywood composer takes us on a tour of his epic synth lair.

As a founding member of new wave icons Devo, Mark Mothersbaugh was always ahead of the curve when it came to the brave new world of electronic instruments, commissioning his brother to make drums “that sound like V2 rockets” and pestering Bob Moog to make the very first Moog theremin for him.

In this ace video Mothersbaugh invites us inside his Mutato Muzika studio on Sunset Boulevard to show off some of the incredible synths he’s picked up over his long career and talk about why he was drawn to electronic music in the first place.

He also reveals that he’s been planting subliminal messages in his TV themes for years – even his music for Rugrats. Watch the video below.

Meanwhile, Mothersbaugh has been asked to design a theme park based on the Wes Anderson’s movies. [via OpenCulture]



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