Tyler, The Network.

A profile by the New York Times has revealed the Santa Monica, CA-based media startup Whalerock has signed deals with several celebrities to build their own internet based television channels. The list includes Kim Kardashian, Howard Stern, and Odd Future godhead Tyler, The Creator.

“I would rather be a guinea pig than spend my career rearranging the chairs on the Titanic,” Christian Clancy, Tyler’s music manager, told the paper. “The problem for artists like Tyler is that once they get done paying all of these middlemen, they’re not left with much.”

The channel will be a combination of free and paid content according to Whalerock owner Lloyd Braun, who also stressed that the sites would not interfere with any of the other projects or deals the artists are involved in. That should be good news for fans of Loiter Squad, Odd Future’s sketch show which finished its third season last year.

“Done right, we are going to show how premium artists who want to control their media life and engage directly with their audiences can work synergistically with traditional media, resulting in a better business for everybody,” Braun said.



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