Diggin’ in the CDRs.

2 Bad Mice once made a garage remix of Deep Blue’s ‘The Helicopter Tune’, an early anthem of the nascent jungle sound. And they’ve just found the lost master.

The trio took to Twitter for a casual announcement, and have put the track up on Soundcloud.

Made this remix in about 1999 but never released it, thought it was lost but just found a CDR of the master. Help yourself.

Sadly it doesn’t seem to be enabled for download, so the help yourself is limited to streaming for now. You can hear the original here.

In related garage news, Skream is hosting the Skream Presents 2001-2005 night at London’s XOYO tonight and has announced that there will be 500 tickets left on the door. He’s spent the morning announcing the line up – including Coki, Loefah, Kode 9, Benga, Youngsta, El-B and Horsepower – so those of you wanting to experience the transition from the days of 2step to dubstep best get there quick.



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