Guitar Hero was the poster child for the late 2000s music game fad, and in 2015 it may lead its resurgence.

For a while in the last decade, the video game world was ignited with music game madness. In just a short few months a multi-billion dollar industry was built on fans clutching plastic guitars, hitting toy drum pads, or pretending to scratch fake turntables. As far as fads go, it burned bright and eventually burned out. Its lifecycle was best exemplified in Activision’s decision to shut down Guitar Hero-developer Red Octane in 2010, only a few years after they paid $100 million to acquire it. The franchise was put on “hiatus” in 2011, while fans and developers moved on.

Kotaku UK has now reported through two separate sources that Activision will reboot a “more realistic” Guitar Hero this year for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The description applies to both the game’s art style (which was always rather cartoonish) and to the instrument controllers, which will be completely redesigned. Fans can expect to hear more at the annual video game conference E3.

Guitar Hero may not be the only franchise being rebooted. Last week the even more popular rival Rock Band began updating its store with new music after a 21-month silence, accompanied by a blog post on developer Harmonix’s website that read: “We’ve missed rocking with all of you. :)”.



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