Take a look inside the former offices of Tommy Boy Records, thanks to a Swiss public access TV station.

New York City independent record label Tommy Boy has released countless treasured hip-hop and electronic records since it began in 1981. Artists that the label has worked with over the years include Afrika Bambaataa, Buju Banton, Capone-N-Noreaga, LFO, Danny Tenaglia and De La Soul.

Back in 1991, a Swiss public access television station took cameras inside Tommy Boy’s NYC headquarters. The grainy VHS footage is an eye-opening insight into how differently things operated back then – the label keeps track of radio plays using a device that resembles a giant Game Boy Pocket, and the label’s mailroom is a buzzing hive of activity as staff prepare to ship out new records from De La Soul.

You can watch the footage below. [via THE FADER]



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