Tracks from Legowelt, Awanto 3, Melon, Maxi Mill and others feature on the community affair.

Since launching in 2010, Amsterdam producer Tom Trago’s Voyage Direct label has been championing Holland’s diverse club scene with a steady stream of excellent 12″s. Releasing music largely from the close-knit Amsterdam house scene, the label has put out music from Awanto 3, San Proper, Dexter and Aardvarck alongside music from Legowelt’s House Of Jezebel alias.

As RA reports, Trago will soon be releasing Voyage Direct’s first label compilation. Called First Mission, the double CD compilation collects new tracks and material released on the label over the past five years. As well as a track from Trago himself, William Kouam Djoko, Melon and the aforementioned House Of Jezebel will feature alongside several other names.

“It’s not just a label, but also a community,” says Trago of Voyage Direct’s locally-minded ethos. “There’s so much stuff happening [in Amsterdam], for me it’s unnecessary to look elsewhere for good music.”

The album will be released on double CD on April 27, as well as a series of three vinyl samplers arriving on March 30, April 13 and April 30.


01. Ebokai – Metae
02. Efdé & Tom Ruijg – The Slightly
03. Magnesii – Want Need
04. House Of Jezebel – Quantum Fawn
05. Maxi Mill – Do You Want It?
06. Simon Weiss – Tele–vision
07. Overlast – Nipples
08. Awanto 3 – The Girl Is Hot
09. Tom Trago – Only Believe
10. William Kouam Djoko – Hold Me Close
11. Melon – Raw Funk

01. William Kouam Djoko – Intro
02. Dexter – Junofest
03. Interstellar Funk – House Train
04. Tom Trago – Use Me Again (Carl Craig rework)
05. House Of Jezebel – Love & Happiness
06. Boris Werner – Acid Casino
07. Elias Mazian – Future Times
08. William Djoko – Deflourished
09. Overlast – Range Rover
10. Benny Rodrigues – Master French
11. Maxi Mill – Lost and Found



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