HIVE1 is adapted from Braxton’s 2013 Guggenheim installation and will be his first album since leaving his experimental rock band Battles.

When Tyondai Braxton left the experimental rock band Battles (which he was essentially the frontman of) it was on good terms, he simply wanted to focus on his solo work. To the frustration of some, Braxton’s solo work has mostly consisted of installations and live performances, requiring the right time and place to hear what he’d been up to. Later this year, however, he will finally release his first album since the sweeping 2009 LP Central Market.

Titled HIVE1, the album is adapted from the live installation Braxton has spent most of this decade working on. It’s due May 12 via Nonesuch, but you can listen to the nine-minute closing track “Scout1” below. Though its first few minutes are built of abstract synths and occasional drumming the track eventually begins to lock into a tremendous groove of pulsing rhythms and otherworldly synth squelches.

Listen to it below and if you’re heading to the Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, TN fron March 27-29. Braxton will perform all of ‘HIVE’ on a daily basis.

HIVE1 Tracklist:
01. ‘Gracka’
02. ‘Boids’
03. ‘Outpost’
04. ‘Studio Mariacha’
05. ‘Amlochley’
06. ‘Galaveda’
07. ‘K2’
08. ‘Scout1’



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