Stream the latest work from the globe-trotting experimental composer behind Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier.

Felicia Atkinson has chased her vision of crafting “phenomenological music” (as she puts it) over many enveloping releases whether it’s under the moniker Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier or her own name. Her latest, A Readymade Ceremony, which she headed to the Alps to create, ultimately brings together two of the most important qualities any artist has: the early influences that put them on this path, and the artist they become by walking it.

Over the album’s five sections Atkinson uses writings including George Bastille’s 1937 erotic novella Madame Edwarda and Recherche de la Base et du Sommet by René Char (both influential works she discovered during at age 14) as well as recent writing of her own (2014’s Improvising Sculpture as Delayed Fiction) and submerges them in the naturalistic soundscapes she’s made all her own over the years. It’s best exemplified on ‘L’oeil’ where Bastille’s writing is manipulated through Atkinson’s shadowy whispers all while riding static-y waves that gradually rise, fall and shift over the track’s 10-and-a-half minutes like vast tectonic plates of sound.

Excerpts do not do it justice however. A Readymade Ceremony is best experienced from start to finish, which you can do below. Look for it on LP, CD, and digitally March 17 via Shelter Press.



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