Gary Glitter has been jailed for 16 years for a series of child sex offences in the 1970s and 1980s.

The former glam rock singer, real name Paul Gadd, was sentenced at Southwark Crown Court this morning. Earlier this month the 70-year-old was found guilty of one count of attempted rape, four counts of indecent assault and one count of sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 13 and warned he could face life imprisonment.

Sentencing, Judge Alistair McCreath said: “I have read the victim impact statements of all three victims. It is clear , in their different ways, they were all profoundly affected by your abuse of them. You did all of them real and lasting damage and you did so for no other reason than to obtain sexual gratification for yourself of a wholly improper kind.”

Detective Chief Inspector Michael Orchard had previously described Gadd as a “habitual sexual predator who took advantage of the star status,” adding that his “lack of remorse and defence that the victims were lying makes his crimes all the more indefensible.”

Gadd has faced several similar charges over the last decade. He was deported from Cambodia to Vietnam in 2003 after being accused of sexual assault, and in 2006 was sentenced to three years in prison in Vietnam for sexually abusing two young girls. He was arrested in England in 2012.




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