The Montreal-bred, Toronto-based DJ-producer returns.

Nautiluss has spent the last few years exploring house and techno for the likes of Hemlock, Turbo and Audio Culture. His latest set of late night body-jackers comes via Nite Owl Diner, the new label from Chicago dance regular Chrissy (née Murderbot) and Alex Burkat (of 100% Silk and Mister Saturday Night) that is “devoted to their mutual love of the greasy 24-hour diners that keep them full of pancakes after a long night of dancing.”

DINER 003 is out now on Nite Owl Diner’s webstore, and you can stream it below. Plus, we caught up with Nautiluss about the new EP and more.

Is there a common thread to the EP?

All of the songs were written near bodies of water while traveling abroad.

How did the collaboration with Vin Sol come about?

I met Vin ages ago at SXSW. We kept in touch through a common love for house music and analog gear. So when a business trip got me to San Francisco a few years ago, it led us to spending a day in his studio, and ‘Aerochrome’ was the result.

What have you been up to recently, and what’s in store for the Nautiluss project?

I spent the better part of the past two years producing music for vocalists in an attempt to counter-balance life as a non-EDM dance music producer trying to survive life in North America. A large part of this time was spent on one collaborative project with a major-label R&B singer which, in the end I decided not to release. All was not lost however as I learned a ton about production/engineering in the process.

So this year, I just wanted to get back to focusing on my own solo project and releasing my first cohesive full-length is part of my goals for 2015. There will also be a few 12″ dance records.

I read that you’re working on an album. What are some dance/electronic albums that inspire you?

I feel like the LP format has been really good in the past year or two. Albums that come to mind include Roman Flugel, Daniel Avery, Leon Vynehall, Max Graef, Lone, Levon Vincent, Gestolen Cirkel, Joey Anderson, Lee Gamble and Moiré.

In light of the label’s mission: your go-to post-club diner order?

If I’m in Montreal: Galvaude (chicken and peas) poutine. Anywhere else: Grilled cheese with bacon.



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