The Astral Plane returns with another remix collection.

One of our favorite blogs, The Astral Plane, dropped Heterotopia late last year, compiling club tracks by the likes of Kid Antoine, Air Max ’97, Divoli S’vere and Celestial Trax. Last month, they followed-up that up with Heterotopia Remixes Vol. 1, featuring remixes by Fraxinus, Druid Cloak and more.

The second of three remix compilations is due out on March 10, with remixes Air Max ’97, Mike G, new Gobstopper signee Iglew and more. Trax Couture boss Rushmore and rising duo Victoria Kim have traded remixes of each others’ tracks; listen to Victoria Kim’s ball-ready “Kowloon Edit” of Rushmore’s ‘Moment X’ below.

For more in this vein, check out Rushmore’s top 10 House of Trax club weapons and our recent feature on Victoria Kim. Plus, Gabe Meier of The Astral Plane will be compiling the world’s best under-the-radar dance tracks every month in his For Club Use Only column.



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