The trio’s album AirEffect is intended to act as a “black box” for the current age.

This time last year most people weren’t thinking about Christian Fennesz. Of course, that was before he released Bécs, a stunning return album that found him revisiting the style of his breakthrough album, Endless Summer, for the first time. Building off that momentum, Fennesz has teamed with the Turin experimental duo OZmotics for AirEffect, an album made from 2013 recordings which they’ve described as a record for the anthropocene era.

As any anthropologist or linguist (or person with an online dictionary) will tell you, the anthropocene age is the geological period where humanity became the dominant force over the environment and climate. It’s the current age we live in, and one that the album attempts to capture through field recordings made in Turin. Those have been combined with each members musical strengths: Stanislao Lesnoj on saxophone and electronics, SmZ on drums and electronics, and Fennesz on guitar and electronics.

Listen to a preview of the record below and look for it in June via Folk Wisdom. [via Resident Advisor]


01 ‘Ferment_action’
02 ‘Hydro(p)s’
03 ‘Run To Ruin’
04 ‘Anthropocene’
05 ‘LiquidMrkt’
06 ‘Clone 15:26’



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