The Artiphon Instrument 1 can also be played like a piano or drum machine.

There are already a few unusual MIDI controllers available for those wanting to make music with something a little different from the standard configuration of drum pads and knobs. There’s one that fits onto a guitar, and even one based on a classic arcade joystick, but now there’s one that’s a bit more versatile.

The Artiphon Instrument 1 looks a little like a cross between a keyboard and a stringless fretboard, with a body section featuring a bridge, speaker, volume knob, and instrument presets. As the video below demonstrates, you just plug it into an iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC running any MIDI-compatible  software and you can strum it like a guitar or bow it like a violin, as well as playing it like a keyboard or drum machine.

The controller was originally debuted in prototype form two years ago, but the final version has just been funded on Kickstarter, making a staggering $75,000 in under six hours. At time of writing (March 4), the amount of funding stands at $150,000 with 39 days to go. The Instrument 1 is expected to ship in January 2016, and if you want one, you can still buy it for $349, $50 less than the retail price. [via The Verge]



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