The Drizzy app has a Drake verse for any situation.

Ever found yourself wanting to quote Drake on the go but find it difficult to think of the most appropriate verses? Well, app developers Luc Succès and Regy Perlera have put their love of Drake into practice and created an iOS app that lets you send his best lines direct from your device keyboard.

Drizzy is an app that takes advantage of iOS8’s support for third-party keyboards, and like the emoji keyboard, comes divided into some very Drake-appropriate categories. There’s ‘exes’, ‘feels’, ‘hustle’, ‘hate’, and a random mode if you just feel like quoting him for the hell of it. If you want to let the recipient in on which track the lyric is from, the app will let you share a link to it on Spotify.

You can grab Drizzy from the App Store for free, but if you want some more in-depth analysis of Drake’s lyrics, Spector’s Fred Macpherson recently discussed 10 of his favourites.

Retire your emojis – you can now quote Drake direct from your phone's keyboard



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