Emika has announced her second LP of the year.

The Berlin-based Brit has unveiled her fourth album, following two full-length efforts for Ninja Tune (released in 2011 and 2013 respectively) and this year’s Klavirni LP.

Klavirni, released in January via Emika’s eponymous imprint, collected a series of works composed for piano. Emika’s newest full-length, DREI, finds the producer returning to the eclectic, vocal-laden style that has become her signature. DREI will also arrive via the Emika Records label.

Speaking on the new LP, Emika said: “DREI is ultimately about freedom. Coping with freedom. Limitations versus freedom. The shock of a miracle. The madness of being alone. Ambitions and insecurities. The perils of a limitless creative mind. And without a doubt, my desire to produce fat hard beats without needing anyone—complete with a fresh sound.”

DREI was reportedly written over a single two-week period. The album was produced and mixed by Emika herself.

DREI will be released via Emika Records on May 4. You can check the tracklist below. [via RA]


01. Battles
02. My Heart Bleeds Melody
03. Miracles Prelude
04. Miracles
05. What’s The Cure
06. Without Expression
07. Rache (Revenge)
08. Serious Trouble
09. Destiny Killer



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