James Tenney’s ‘Having Never Written A Note For Percussion’ is the subject of the forthcoming LP.

Since emerging on Sandwell District back in 2011, Rrose has proved to be one of contemporary techno’s most interesting producers. Balancing hypnotic rhythms and ambient influences with foundation-shaking basslines, her music has found its way onto Stroboscopic Artefacts and her own Eaux label.

Rose’s next record sees the producer putting techno aside for an exploration of minimalist composer James Tenney’s 1971 piece ‘Having Never Written A Note For Percussion’. The piece requires the performer to play one percussive instrument constantly, from the quietest point to the loudest and back again.

As a press release explains, the piece is a personal favourite of Rrose’s, and she was inspired to try it after visiting a disused trolley tunnel beneath downtown Washington DC, whose “seemingly endless and unpredictable reverberations” seemed like the ideal place to perform it. Rose chose to use a 32-inch gong played with two mallets for her version, and the live recording from 2012 features on an LP to be released on Further Records next month.

As well as the ‘Live at Dupont Underground’ version of the piece, the A-side features a studio version described as having a “stuffy quality” that’s the opposite of the more expansive live version. You can stream both versions below ahead of the record’s release on LP and digital formats on April 13. You can pre-order it via the Further Records store.



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