New Your City startup looks to distribute royalties instantly.

As revealed last year, dance music producers are missing out on £100 million worth of royalties each year. Some of that royalty gap could be filled by licensing tracks that appear in mixes, rather then issuing takedown notices to knock mixes off sites like SoundCloud.

Dubset, a company partly funded by streaming service Rhapsody, might have solved the problem with its MixSCAN technology. In testing on for the past two years, MixSCAN can identify individual tracks in mixes and distributes royalties “in a matter of seconds;” it can even tell how much of a track was used.

The company is in late-stage licensing discussions with the three major labels, which could take several months. Until then, the company has received endorsements from EDM heavyweights Tiesto, Afrojack and David Guetta, who are uploading their libraries into the company’s database.

“This program begins and ends with DJs,” says Dubset CEO Bob Barbiere. “Rather than trying to ban their medium, we have a way to make it legal.” Billboard notes that while Dubset isn’t the first company to try to solve licensing issues this way (pointing to Pioneer’s KUVO and the Creative Commons system), Dubset can clear samples in realtime.

“We’re not trying to be the police, but the folks who do police the industry will use our technology to continue their mission,” said Barbiere.



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