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We got Heidi, Eats Everything and more to show us their baby photos

This Summer will mark the 5th anniversary of Croatia’s Hideout Festival.

One of the biggest dates on the festival calendar, this year’s line-up has all the big names you’d expect – Loco Dice, Jackmaster, Jamie Jones, Paul Woolford, Gorgon City and more – along with the usual combination of incredible weather and stunning scenery and beautiful people. Well, some of them anyway.

To toast five years of Hideout, we got five of the artists playing to show us photos of them aged five – or thereabouts – along with an account of the naughtiest thing they ever did as a kid. Seth Troxler, being Seth Troxler, went one step further: he asked his mum.

Hideout have released a limited resale out over the weekend, and it won’t last long. To purchase tickets, head here.


Derrick Carter


Richy Ahmed


“One Sunday, me and my brother were fighting and he ended up stripping my clothes off, throwing me outside naked and closing the front door behind me. I wanted to kill him but at the time he was just too physically big for me to hurt him. So I got his brand new stereo and picked it up above my head. I remember him saying ‘you wouldn’t dare’ but I didn’t hesitate. I smashed it repeatedly off the floor until it was in bits. He ran upstairs crying to my mam … It was too satisfying to see his stupid cocky face change when he seen his new christmas present shattered on the floor!” – Richy Ahmed


Eats Everything




“I remember throwing my kitten, who was trapped up a tree, at my sister. I climbed up there and asked my sister (who was four at the time) to catch it at the bottom, not knowing they have their claws out. It landed on her face and scratched her all the way down her cheek. She still has the scar to prove it. I hid for two days from my parents because I thought they were going to kill me. So much blood they had to stick a toilet roll to her face to stop the bleeding. Ouch.” – Heidi


Seth Troxler


“Sherman and I were married October 20, just a couple of weeks after Seth’s 16th birthday. We decided to go to Chicago for a weekend for our honeymoon.

Seth begged to stay home, his grandmother lived around the corner and Frankie and his family were just a couple of blocks away. We lived in the suburbs and a lot of other kids stayed home while their parents went out of town. Seth was a good kid, never got in too much trouble, was respectful, and got good grades.

Before we left for our trip Sherman and I sat down with Seth and Frankie, and went over the rules for the weekend: no girls allowed in the house, no parties at the house, and for the house will be clean with nothing broken or out of place when we get home.

Seems simple enough, right? Fast forward to Sunday night, 7pm. Sherman and I arrive home and open the door to find the house in total disarray. Seth’s speakers and turntable still on the kitchen table, the kitchen a complete disaster, Seth and Frank sitting there watching TV like everything is ok.

Immediately, the yelling starts, only to find out that they had a huge party at the house. The music was so loud the cops came. The college girls living downstairs said they were crying the music was so loud, and they had refused to turn it down. Furthermore, my biggest rule was broken – girls had stayed the night!

Sherman and I were beyond mad and disappointed. The fact that both Seth and Frankie didn’t even try to clean the house before we got home. Seth was grounded from his car and couldn’t go anywhere for a month. Frank’s mother Sandy was called, it was a big mess. Sherman and I still get mad when we talk about it. However just last summer in Ibiza, Seth and Frank laughed about it and how epic the party was.

Typical teenage behavior!” – Heather Troxler



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