Varg ‘Burzum‘ Vikernes: black metal pioneer, murderer, and now, apparently, love guru. 

Varg, known for his late ’90s albums, recorded while in jail for murdering Mayhem guitarist Øystein Aarseth and burning down several churches, remains a nasty piece of work (last year he was given a six-month suspended sentence for inciting racial hatred), so it won’t surprise you to know that his advice is shady at best.

Delivered from his car over a backdrop of piano music, he tells us that perfect women “don’t just fall from the sky”, and that we “have to earn them.”

“It has ALWAYS been hard for men to find good women”, he continues. “That is part of the ‘natural selection’ process, a process that, by the way, is important for the quality of our race.” Yup, told you it got shady.

He concludes by saying that finding love boils down to simply being a hero. “Be a hero”, says Burzum, “and you will be able to cherry-pick from the best women of our race.” You can watch the full video below. [via Noisey]



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