The track will appear on the upcoming album This World Is Not Enough.

Though Marching Church was once an alias for Iceage frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, the upcoming album under the moniker comes together like a supergroup of the Copenhagen music scene. Now the group have shared their latest single ‘King Of Song’.

This new single couldn’t be further from the Nick Cave like tunnels ‘Hungry For Love’ dragged us through. Coming in with horns, acoustic strums, and fluttering percussion, the song moves with a Rolling Stones-esque breeziness. That connection feels even stronger once Rønnenfelt’s mangled croons come coughing through the mix, eventually clearing up to show off the strength he has as a frontman.

Listen to it below and grab Marching Church’s record March 31 via Sacred Bones/Posh Isolation/Big Love.



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