The label Power Vacuum prep the follow up to last year’s Vector compilation with a new release featuring Vacated, Jerome Hill and more.

Around this time last year Milo Smee’s Power Vacuum dropped Vectors. It was the label’s first various artist compilation and now they’ll be following it with a second edition. One of the initial strengths of Vectors was the way it mixed old and young producers while keeping a consistent tone, so it’s no surprise that one of the highlights from the second volume comes courtesy of UK techno vet Cylob. ‘Spyworld’ is built from jittery synths which skip and fly over foggy, spaced synth melodies and it fits perfectly with the visual accompaniment below.

Pre-order Vectors now or grab it March 17 via Power Vacuum.

Cylob – Spyworld (from Vectors 2 E.P. released 17/03/2015) from Power Vacuum on Vimeo.



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