The Huddersfield house hub has announced plans to mark its 10th birthday.

Hudd Trax will celebrate 10 years of records this year with a four-part series of 12″ compilations entitled 10 Years Of Hudd Traxx – Now & Then – Part 1-4. Since its inception, the label has been dedicated to working with both Chicago and Detroit originators and their present-day European counterparts. Each of the Now & Then releases will contain new tracks on the A-side (“now”) and highlights from the labels back catalogue on the B-side (“then”).

The series will launch with new cuts from Tomson and Chicago luminary Chez Damier, backed with older efforts from Iron Curtis and Agnès. Entry number two contains new tracks from German pair Luna City Express and Greek producer Sek as well as previously released cuts from Midwest veterans Rick Wade and Iz & Diz.

Hudd Traxx will release 10 Years Of Hudd Traxx – Now & Then – Part 1 on May 25. Part 2 is due on June 29, Part 3 on September 7 and Part 4 on October 5. You check the tracklists below.

Rick Wade was recently featured alongside Wajeed, Shigeto and more in our Winter in Detroit photo series. [via Resident Advisor]


Part 1
01. Tomson – On The Buttons
02. Chez Damier – El Fin Esta Cerca
03. Synthcast, Pagal & Eddie Leader – The Bass (Agnès Knees Down
04. Iron Curtis – You Are

Part 2
01. Luna City Express – Good Condition
02. Sek – Thug Life Interlude
03. Iz & Diz – Happy
04. Rick Wade – Do It

Part 3
01. Eddie Leader Feat Hector Moralez – Way Back
02. Washerman – Twilite
03. Brett Johnson – Mr Smarty Pants
04. Rhythm Plate – Keep Moving

Part 4
01. Ekkohaus – Modest Fun
02. Mihai Popoviciu – Two Minutes Ago
03. Rio Padice – Dirty Belvedere
04. JT Donaldson – Just Bounce



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